Why I Do A Pledge Drive For My WIfe

Hey everyone! My wife is an amazing person. Those who have had the chance to meet her know that she is a great woman. However, in the recent month, she has taken a turn for the worse. Since she was 21, she has been battling fibromyalgia (an auto-immune disease). When she first got the disease, she couldn’t even feed herself. When she was 35, she was also diagnosed with Lupus (another auto-immune disease). However, in the recent month, the Lupus is attacking more than it has been. She is on oxygen, she is taking breathing treatments every 4 hours and she is battling a threat to her lungs and heart due to the lupus.

Jamie is a spirited woman who I have loved for 15 years. Her personality makes everyone happy. She loves to crotchet and make things for other people all the time. Since she is bed-ridden, she has more time to do her hobby, but I fear that soon that might be too much for her to even do. I am never the one to go for a quick cash grab from anyone and I hate asking people for money. The bills are mounting up and what our insurance is not covering, we have to pay for it. On top of this, there are many things which we have to do in order to survive. This is why I am doing a pledge drive. So if you can donate anything, or simply come by this weekend and say hi, that would be amazing! For those who simply want to give, you can do so HERE. Thank you for your support in all functions. Whether this is a follow, sub, donation or simply talking and viewing, we love you!

Let’s Turn This Into A Proper Blog Eh?

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite streamer, GAMETEASE! The sucky thing is that I can’t get GameTease.com unless I pay a shitload and I MEAN a SHITLOAD of cash. So, this is going to have to be the official blog of your’s truly. During this week, I am planning to turn some of my side projects into something that is going to be related to the whole GameTease label. Hopefully I will be able to have enough time in the week to do so. There are a lot of things happening in my world.

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Is Gaming An Addiction?

This is a question I was asked today and wanted to address it. There are many people who feel that gaming is kind of addicting. There are those who say that it isn’t so who is right? Well, both of them. It can get addicting if you are constantly thinking about gaming. Sure, if you are getting paid to think of gaming, then it is a job. Gaming isn’t addicting when you can simply say, no, that is enough computer/game console. So let’s see, ACCORDING TO MY OPINION, what I feel about this question.

Gaming Is Addicting Because…

There are many things which people read online of people dying from not moving. The fact that a gamer is sitting down for around 3-5 hours a night playing on a video game, some even spending 8-9 hours, is not healthy, right? The fact of the matter is, your body is not getting the movement it is. However, when you are sitting, you are thinking and moving mentally. This is a good feeling. The feeling of accomplishment is something that everyone likes.

In gaming, you have that accomplishment and you love it. You feed on it! You even want to take it back to your mother and say that you are going to marry it. That is why it is addicting. It is hard to really say that it is not addicting when you get down to details. It is hard to pull yourself away from a game. Trust me, I, on multiple occasions, played Assassin’s Creed for 8 hours! It is fun and therefore you are going to want to continue that fun!

Gaming Is NOT Addicting Because…

When you are playing a game, you are going to get tired of playing it, or it is going to end. Our brains are programmed to feel a certain way to things. It is one thing to be addicted to something and another for something to be addictive to you. How you might ask? When you are playing a game, you are thinking. You are mentally using your brain to a level you are not used to on a daily basis. This is working it out. With an addiction, you simply NEED to do it. Gaming is not that controlling in my OPINION. You have to really do it often to make it a reality for you.

Even still you have to take a break. Otherwise you are going to cramp up. That is the downsides of gaming. You are eventually going to have to stop because you are going to have to take a break. You have to weigh the pros and cons to gaming to see how it measures up to you. It is interesting to point out that gamers are usually highly educated and likely to think more logically than others in their generation.

So what’s the bottom line?

In short, I feel gaming is not addicting, but fun entertainment that can do some harm if constantly done. Does that sound right? It is a personal choice really. It is not hard to really get everything you want out of life, you simply have to go for it right? Until next time, peace!

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What Is Gaming To Me?

I have never, really, truly got into gaming, but I have found it to be quite fun recently. Maybe this is an age thing…..maybe a midlife crisis? Whatever the reason, I have been doing a lot of things lately on the computer.

With the fact that I am trying to finish my book and manage my websites and run and teach for an English School, I can say that I have a lot on my plate. Thankfully my kid is a teenager and can take care of herself for the most part.

This leads me to this blog. I want to be able to have fun and writing is fun to me. It allows me to get out what I am thinking under a name that is neither my first name nor is it my last name. That is the secret part of it all. It is fun to simply write my thoughts without any judgement of who I am. Gaming is fun. To put it plainly, I always liked games and I used to spend A LOT OF TIME on one game. (8 hours in one night on Assassin’s Creed) The point of gaming for me is to blow off some steam.

As a father and husband….yeah, there is a lot of steam to be blown off. There are many gamers out there in the world and I want to be counted among them. It is fun to communicate with people even though you are running the risk of really getting made fun of. In my life, that is nothing new.

So I hope that you are going to be able to have fun and enjoy watching my videos. You can find me all over the place! TWITCH, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE! Go and Follow, Like and Subscribe all over the place. I will try to post a video every day! Enjoy!